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Miscellaneous machinery and equipment

Lisman Forklifts specialises in all types of second hand machinery. In addition to used forklifts and refurbished warehousing equipment we often have various miscellaneous machines on offer to support a wide variety of industrial activities.

All types of miscellaneous equipment

Our range includes an extensive selection of common and uncommon second hand machines, usually custom made or specifically designed machinery for industry-specific activities. Examples of miscellaneous machines that are regularly available are tow tractors, sweepers, construction equipment, scrubber driers and rough terrain forklifts. All miscellaneous equipment is handled with care and attention by our specialists, in compliance with the Lisman quality trademark.

Rough terrain and high capacity forklifts

As a specialist in wholesale of used forklifts and second hand machinery our buyers regularly take advantage of great deals for one-of-a-kind or hard to come by machines. These miscellaneous forklifts and machines are built for a specific, company-based operations and often utilised in tough working environments or for high-capacity material handling activities. Rough terrain forklifts and other miscellaneous machines offer a safe and efficient solution for demanding projects and jobs that require a higher lifting capacity.

Sell your used miscellaneous machinery

Are you looking to sell used miscellaneous machinery? We are always interested in buying surplus or redundant equipment of any make and in any condition. As Europe’s leading expert in wholesale of used material handling machinery we quickly provide you with a market-based offer for your machinery. Additionally we offer comprehensive services in respect to transportation and logistics. Request a quote now or get in touch with one of our purchasers.


Directly order your miscellaneous forklifts

Because rough terrain forklifts and miscellaneous machinery are mainly used in potentially dangerous or challenging conditions, Lisman Forklifts closely examines all acquired machines. This means that all miscellaneous machinery and equipment is extensively tested and cleaned, before machines are made available for purchase. Are you looking for a specific machine or are you interested in second hand machinery that is currently on offer? Please contact our dedicated area managers for more information. We are happy to utilise our world-wide network to help you find an adequate answer for specific operations.

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