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Used reach trucks directly available from stock

Reach trucks or reach forklifts are designed to safely handle heavy and unconventional loads within tight and confined spaces. These machines are a valuable asset for warehousing and material handling activities in a wide range of industries.

Navigate safely through confined spaces

Lisman Forklifts provides industries with capable and qualified used material handling machinery for every working environment. No matter how challenging the working conditions are, our reach trucks help you handle, store and transport all types of materials in an efficient way. The various models of pre-owned and used reach trucks in our range are all extensively checked and offer a swift and affordable solution for a great number of warehouse applications. Offer your customers a versatile answer to their needs with used reach trucks. All ready-to-use reach forklifts presented on our website are directly available from stock.

Used reach trucks: unmatched versatility

Reach trucks are instrumental for day-to-day operations in warehouses, manufacturing and distribution facilities, retail, food processing and storage facilities. Due to the slim design they are ideal for use in confined spaces, such as narrow aisles. The used reach trucks are powered electric motors and with the driver seat attached to the side of the reach stacker are very practical for the driver. Due to the design, reach forklifts offer a clear view for operators. The mast and forks can be extended to collect goods and are easily brought back to the centre of the machine which makes that high reach trucks can carry and transport heavy loads without needing counterweight to balance the machine.

Sell your used reach trucks

As Europe’s leading wholesaler of used forklifts and used reach trucks Lisman Forklifts is a preferred partner for many OEM’s and large fleet owners who are looking to sell used machinery for the right price. We are interested in all types of reach trucks in any condition. Would you like to receive an offer for your used reach truck forklift or other redundant material handling machinery? Our purchasers are happy to discuss your machine or machinery and provide you with a non-binding offer.


Buy ready-for-use reach trucks

Lisman Forklifts offers a complete selection of reach trucks in all typical and non-typical designs. Popular designs of used variable reach forklifts are material handling machines with side-masts for storing and transporting goods sideways. The machines on offer have been extensively checked, cleaned and light refurbished according to our Quality trademark. All reach forklifts and high reach trucks featured on our website are ready-to-use and directly available from stock. For more information on used reach trucks and sales conditions, please contact our dedicated area managers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about reach trucks

Can reach trucks be used outside?

Reach trucks, designed primarily for indoor use, have specific features tailored for narrow aisle storage and high shelf reaching capabilities. Their operation outside is generally not recommended.

How high does a reach truck go?

The lift height of a reach truck can vary significantly depending on the model and design. Generally, most reach trucks are capable of lifting loads to heights ranging from 2 meters to over 9 meters. High-reach trucks can even extend up to 12 meters or more.

What factors influence the price of a used reach truck?

The price of a used reach truck can be influenced by several factors including the brand, model, lift height, load capacity, battery type and technology features (such as safety systems and automation). Additional customizations or attachments can also affect the final price.