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Buy used Flexi forklifts and VNA trucks

Flexi forklifts and VNA trucks are the ideal solution for warehouse operations where storage capacities are limited. Reduce aisle size between racking by working with gas and electric powered Flexi used forklifts.


Store more product in less space

Flexi forklifts are manufactured by Narrow Aisle Inc. The articulating forklifts meet all demands for storing more product in less space, offering industries an efficient solution for material handling activities in challenging and tight working environments where storage space is limited. Flexi narrow aisle forklifts are available in a variety of different models, but have one important feature in common: every Flexi VNA truck and forklift helps end users improve on efficiency in storage.

Unique design for optimal efficiency

Since its founding in the early seventies Narrow Aisle Inc focused on triggering a major change in the design of material handling equipment. By solely designing Flexi forklifts from the perspective of the end-user, the brand offered a practical and highly sought after solution for an efficient solution to create more space for storage in modern warehouses and storage facilities. Due to the superior flexibility and manoeuvrability of the articulating forklifts, Flexi narrow aisle trucks provide a space-efficient solution for storing challenges by eliminating dead aisle space.

Specialist in all designs of used Flexi forklifts

Lisman Forklifts specialises in refurbishing all designs of used Flexi forklifts. Our technical department has a wide experience in preparing used Flexi narrow aisle trucks for a new, lengthy usage period offering wholesalers a highly-desired and affordable solution for customers that want to up efficiency on a daily basis. All used forklifts and second hand VNA trucks are technically checked and thoroughly cleaned upon arrival at our facility. Are you interested in increasing your inventory with a Flexi truck? Simply click on the model of your choice and complete your purchase online or contact your dedicated area manager for additional information.


Thinking of selling your second hand Flexi forklift?

Are you replacing or upgrading your Flexi fleet? Or do you have second hand or used Flexi forklifts you want to trade in? Good news! Your used forklifts are worth money. Lisman Forklifts is always interested in making a market-based offer on your redundant material handling equipment. Do you want to get your old machines off your books? We make sure your Flexi truck is collected and transported by our logistical department, while you receive a great price for your superfluous machine. Contact our purchasing department for more information or a non-binding offer.

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