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How we work

As a specialist in selling and buying used material handling equipment, Lisman Forklifts has created advanced methods regarding servicing, cleaning and repairing used machinery. All necessary activities and processes are carefully coordinated and integrat

A clear insight in our procedures

Lisman is an adamant believer of transparency and loyalty in doing business. That is why we share our way of working and in-house proceedings concerning acquired used material handling machinery with the customers and industries we serve. All our procedures and activities are specified within the Lisman Quality Focus, ensuring our customers guarantees, transparency and consistency in the quality of the second hand and used forklifts we refurbish and bring to market.


step 1

Upon arrival

All used machines are registered upon arrival by our expedition department. We record all basic information concerning the machine by a tablet, making sure all data is digitally stored and accessible for all those involved. After a machine is registered in our system, all information is checked and additional specifications are added by our specialist teams. With completing the registration and logging the machines’ specs, the used forklift is now ready for its quick-scan.


step 2


Our experts carry out various checks of essential components, identifying which repairs are necessary. Based on their findings the technicians determine which servicing and cleaning is required. The most common examples are fitting new tires, seats and forks, small repair work and resolving malfunctions within the machines’ system.

Technical inspection-1.jpg
step 3

A good technical check

Our specialized technical team ensures that some needed repair work and malfunctions are solved and, if necessary, the parts are replaced.

step 4

A clean machine

The cleaning process consist on different activities. The batteries of electric machines are loaded at our battery station, cleaned separately. Check of fluids and liquids of fuel consuming engines and combustion engine powered machines are carried out, after which the machines are cleaned extensively by hand or by pressure washing. If required masts are assembled.

step 5

Extensive testing

Following the cleaning, it’s time to put the machine to a test. Our expert technicians have an unparalleled knowledge of all types and brands of used machines. Every machine is checked on up to fifty specific aspects. All findings and comments are listed in a report which is added to the file of the machine. The report is visible to our sales department, making sure we can accurately inform potential customers with all necessary information.

Foto wall
step 6

360° Photo Studio

After testing all machines are photographed in our 360° photo studio. The platform rotates while the camera takes pictures from different angles. This gives you a complete and clear picture of every angle of the machine. With electric forklifts the battery is also documented. The pictures are used internally, included in various mailings and are automatically uploaded to our website.

step 7


All prices are based on the quality and specs of machines. Depending on various elements and variables, such as machine type, year of construction and condition, we determine a fair selling price for each unique machine. We strongly believe and are committed to the vision that our customers should also be able to realise a healthy return on the machine after selling it or renting it out to their customer.

step 8


Our Sales team consists of a dedicated group of professionals committed to delivering excellent service. With an international multi-lingual character, we are able to serve customers worldwide. Our team functions as a knowledge center, always ready to provide the most up-to-date information and advice on our products and services. With a focus on excellence and customer satisfaction, we strive to exceed expectations and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

step 9

Invoice and documents

The units are provided of the needed documents as for example EXA documents or CE if available. We can also provide Certificate of Origin and let it be legalised from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

step 10

Transport and logistics

The loading of machines in containers or on trucks is carried out with the utmost care. The machine is securely fastened to prevent any sort of damage during (long) journeys.

Lisman Quality Focus stamp

Our history

After more than 50 years of stable growth Lisman Forklifts actively serves material handling professionals in over 80 countries. We’re proud to share our story with you.


What we stand for

At Lisman Forklifts we’re dedicated to transparency and consolidating new and existing business relationships. That’s why we keep improving. Discover our continuous desire to improve.