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Used tow tractors: electric and diesel powered

Tow tractors help increase productivity by providing a convenient solution for in-house transportation of materials.

Lisman Forklifts offers a great selection of used tow tractors in various sizes and powered by both electric and diesel drive systems. Used tow truck tractors pull their weight and are an affordable solution for internal transport.


Multiple sizes of used towing tractors

Towing tractors can be divided into three varieties. Core tow tug tractors are an ideal solution for transportation of materials in warehouses and storage facilities and can pull up to 4500kg. Core tow tractors offer more lift capacity which improves productivity and efficiency, while large tow tugs are often used to push and pull aircrafts. Based on professional needs and expectations, Lisman Forklifts provides used towing tractors which can be used indoors and outdoors, offering various industries a flexible solution for in-house and on-site transportation.

Used electric tow tractors for sale

Lisman Forklifts specialises in all material handling equipment, including tow tractors. In addition to the diesel, gas and propane powered models of used towing tractors, our range mainly contains electric tow tractors. The main advantage of the electric version is that these types of tow tug tractors require less maintenance and offer more flexibility in use, increasing efficiency in general. The multiple hitch options ensure that these machines are up to any task and can transport a variety of different materials.

Tow tractors directly available from stock

If you are looking to add a used tow tractor to your inventory, you’ve come to the right place. Buying used tow tractors with Lisman Forklifts is a reliable and safe way of doing business. All tow tractors on offer have been extensively cleaned and checked under our Quality Guarantee, ensuring a long lifespan for used machines. It goes without saying that we will provide you with all necessary documents, extensive warranties and outstanding services. Get in touch with one of our area managers for more information on machines or directly buy your machine via our website.


Directly sell used tow tractors to Lisman

As Europe’s leading specialist in used material handling machinery, we are always looking to expand our range. Do you want to sell used tow tractors or are you keen to hear what your tow tractor is worth? Our purchasers are happy to make an offer for your used machines. We buy used tow tug tractors in any condition and of any make and ensure a quick payment as well as taking care of transportation and logistics. Do you want to request a quote or do you want more information? Please contact our purchasers. We are happy to answer all your questions.

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