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Buy used electric pallet stackers

Used electric pallet stackers are a cost-effective resolution for day-to-day warehousing and (indoor) transportation challenges. Lisman Forklifts offers a wide range of refurbished electric stacker trucks from stock, directly ready-for-use.

Why buy used electric stacker trucks?

Used electric pallet stackers offer great manoeuvrability for an affordable price. The slim and nimble design makes it easy to navigate through narrow aisles and maximise the usage of available warehousing space. Over the years the longevity of batteries has greatly improved. Another main benefit of used electric stackers is that these machines are environmentally friendly. Contrary to diesel and gas powered pallet stackers there’s no emission of exhaust fumes nor noise pollution. Therefore electric stacker trucks are well suited for indoor use, offering greater health benefits for everyone who is working in the vicinity of these machines.

Ground-level and ride-on electric stackers

The used electric pallet stackers available at Lisman Forklifts are a clear representation of the vast variety of electric stacker trucks that are used to bolster day-to-day material handling activities. The sustainable, ergonomic and easy-to-use stackers feature various loading and lifting capacities, offering a hands-on solution for working on ground-level or work at heights of up to 5 metres and more. Does your customer's needs require a higher lifting capacity? We also offer refurbished ride-on electric stackers.

Light refurbished electric pallet stackers

Lisman Forklifts specialises in refurbishing and selling used electric pallet stackers. After arrival at our facilities our technical department conducts an in-depth technical check, making sure the second hand electric stackers are in line with all relevant safety requirements. After carrying out the necessary repairs and a proper cleaning, used material handling equipment is immediately added to our online offering. All machines are supplied with required documentation and maintenance history. For more information or specific requests, please contact your dedicated area manager.


Get a market-based offer on your used stackers

Are you looking to sell used electric pallet stackers, for example because you are renewing your machinery fleet? Or do you want to replace a damaged or broken-down stacker? Lisman Forklifts is always interested in buying redundant material handling equipment, such as used forklifts, VNA trucks and telehandlers. No matter what brand, type or the condition of the machine. Get a market-based offer on your second hand machines today by contacting our international purchasing specialists.

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