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Purchase heavy duty forklifts online

Lisman Forklifts offers a great selection of used heavy duty forklifts and industrial forklifts with years of service ahead of them. All machines have been technically checked and are directly available from stock.

Machines > 9.000kg


Refurbished industrial forklifts for wholesale

Heavy duty forklifts are essential machines for various industries. Making light work of handling and transporting large, heavy objects and materials, industrial forklifts are often used in construction, manufacturing and material handling operations in large industries such as ports and railways. By lifting and transporting heavy loads, these large capacity forklifts are vital for speeding up freight and shipping activities. These types of forklifts often have a long lifespan, making second hand or used equipment an appealing and cost-effective solution for many businesses.

Handle extremely wide and heavy loads

While heavy duty forklifts serve similar purposes as regular forklifts, there are some significant differences. High capacity forklifts are able to handle extremely wide and heavy loads, in general because the machines are equipped with more powerful engines. In addition industrial forklifts trucks can lift loads higher off the ground than regular forklifts. Lisman Forklifts regularly has used heavy forklifts trucks on offer from renowned manufacturers such as Toyota and Linde with a wide range of load capacities.

Directly buy heavy duty forklifts at Lisman

Buying a new heavy duty forklift normally is an expensive affair. And that’s exactly why used industrial forklift trucks are in high demand. Lisman Forklifts is Europe’s leading expert in buying, refurbishing and trading industrial forklifts. Thanks to our major international network we frequently purchase used forklifts which are capable of many years of service, providing a cost-effective and suitable solution for your customers. All our second hand heavy duty forklifts come with a complete service history and all necessary records. For more information or specific requests, please contact your dedicated area manager.


Sell your forklift? We’ll make you an offer today!

We are always interested in buying used heavy duty forklifts of all manufacturers and in any state. We strive to get the absolute most out of second hand machinery, so if you are replacing or selling: we want to buy your forklifts. Lisman Forklifts is committed to offering you the best possible service when it comes to selling your used forklift or redundant material handling equipment. Our family-owned company stands for complete transparency in doing business. Are you looking for the best, competitive offer for your used forklifts? Reach out to our international purchasers and get the best deal and conditions for trading in your superfluous machines.

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