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Новости Lisman Forklifts

Lisman постоянно развивается, на этой странице вы можете прочитать последние новости и узнать, кто мы и что мы отстаиваем.

Новости в социальных сетях


"We create space for children to sport and play"

Lisman Forklifts is proudly partnering with the Johan Cruyff Foundation. We had the official opening of the #CruyffCourt in IJsselstein that we sponsored. To celebrate this, the Lisman team had a speedsoccer match against the local youth team. It was a beautiful and wonderful example of teamwork, respect and being active.

Facebook/Instagram 21-09-2021


Today is a big day: Our CEO, Mister Koen Lisman, celebrates 25 years of activity.

Not only his leading capacity, ambition and passion for forklifts have no limits but also his integrity and dedication to his colleagues, who he considers a second family, are incredible. He is an institution on the used forklift world and we cannot wait to continue together the great work we do every day! From the bottoms of our hearts, Thanks Koen!

Facebook/Instagram 01-09-2021


Marcel’s 25 years work anniversary at Lisman Forklifts!

One year later ( due to Covid), finally we can celebrate our dear colleague Marcel’s 25 years work anniversary at Lisman Forklifts .
We would like to thank you for your dedication, hard work and loyalty.
Cheers to you , and for the many years to come!

Not only Marcel is passionate about forklifts, but also about hiking.
In his spare time he will go hiking for days, just him, his backpack and the wilderness.
So next time when you are here, and you need tips and tricks how to survive in the wild, you can find him in the C- location.

Facebook/Instagram 23-07-2021

Смотрите видео нашей компании

Fly over all our used forklifts in 3 minutes

This is a short video filmed with a drone to show all our premises, the stock of used forklifts and our production and testing line. Do you want to see this all with your own eyes? Get in touch with us and come visit Lisman, the Leader in used forklifts www.lismanforklifts.com!

Discover Lisman Forklifts through the words of our CEO.

Mister Koen Lisman: who we are, our values, how we works and our passion for used forklifts!


Our history

After more than 50 years of stable growth Lisman Forklifts actively serves material handling professionals in over 80 countries. We’re proud to share our story with you.


What we stand for

At Lisman Forklifts we’re dedicated to transparency and consolidating new and existing business relationships. That’s why we keep improving. Discover our continuous desire to improve.


How we work

Over the years Lisman Forklifts has created advanced methods regarding servicing, cleaning and repairing used forklifts and redundant machinery. All activities and processes are carefully coordinated and integrated within our Lisman Quality Guarantee.