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Lisman Forklifts Aktualności

Lisman stale się rozwija, na tej stronie możesz przeczytać najnowsze wiadomości i dowiedzieć się, kim jesteśmy i co reprezentujemy.

Wrzesień 2022

Stworzylismy przyjemne miejsce aby zyskac nowa energie pomiedzy czynnosciami zawodowymi, abys mogl wrocic do pracy w pelni naladowany. Lisman Forklifts

Kwiecień 2022


In Lisman's fantastic 55-year history, we have specialized in something that has generally not been seen as a core business: sourcing and upgrading used equipment and selling it exclusively to professional resellers. This strategic choice has resulted in our current leading position in the market.

This would never have been achieved without the dedication and focus of the entire Lisman team and the trust and long-standing loyalty of our suppliers and customers. Discover more about our history.

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On the occasion of our anniversary, our relations received a beautiful Woodwatch numbered and provided with an engraving and certificate with an order.

With our staff and family we have been able to enjoy an unforgettable party in a festival atmosphere.

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Wiadomości w mediach społecznościowych

Another charity we support this year is

As everybody knows, climate change is a big issue that affects all of us in different ways.

Some places are more affected than others and have more potential for restoration, that’s why we decided to donate to Justdiggit.

This organization is working in Africa in order to regreen acres of degraded areas every year.


Applying nature-based solutions to restore vegetation is the key to bringing down rising global temperatures, asJustdiggit says:

“We make dry lands green again with great impact on Climate, Nature and People”

With our donation, these amazing results will be achieved in Central-Tanzania:

Per year: 26.000.000 liters of water saved

Over a period of 20 years:

  • 1.265.000 square meters restored land
  • 5.100 trees brought back
  • 990 tons of CO2 retained

To all the team of Justdiggit thanks for the work you do, we are proud to contribute “Cooling down the planet together.

Facebook/Instagram 05-01-2022

As a family business, Lisman has a long history of philanthropy.

We know the importance of giving back and help where it’s needed.

That's why we made a donation to the Dutch Ronald McDonald charity.

A home away from home for sick kids and their families

For 35 years now, the Ronald McDonald Children's Fund has ensured that sick children and their families can be close to each other. In a family with a sick child, it's important for the affected families to be with each other and to have some comfort in a very difficult situation. COVID-19 had also a huge impact on the families in the Ronald McDonald Home, because although the world seems to stand still, care for a sick child continues. Day and night. In the Ronald McDonald House, parents are always close by. Also now.

Facebook/Instagram 01-03-2022


"We create space for children to sport and play"

Lisman Forklifts is proudly partnering with the Johan Cruyff Foundation. We had the official opening of the #CruyffCourt in IJsselstein that we sponsored. To celebrate this, the Lisman team had a speedsoccer match against the local youth team. It was a beautiful and wonderful example of teamwork, respect and being active.

Facebook/Instagram 21-09-2021


Today is a big day: Our CEO, Mister Koen Lisman, celebrates 25 years of activity.

Not only his leading capacity, ambition and passion for forklifts have no limits but also his integrity and dedication to his colleagues, who he considers a second family, are incredible. He is an institution on the used forklift world and we cannot wait to continue together the great work we do every day! From the bottoms of our hearts, Thanks Koen!

Facebook/Instagram 01-09-2021


Marcel’s 25 years work anniversary at Lisman Forklifts!

One year later ( due to Covid), finally we can celebrate our dear colleague Marcel’s 25 years work anniversary at Lisman Forklifts .
We would like to thank you for your dedication, hard work and loyalty.
Cheers to you , and for the many years to come!

Not only Marcel is passionate about forklifts, but also about hiking.
In his spare time he will go hiking for days, just him, his backpack and the wilderness.
So next time when you are here, and you need tips and tricks how to survive in the wild, you can find him in the C- location.

Facebook/Instagram 23-07-2021

Obejrzyj filmy naszej firmy

Fly over all our used forklifts in 3 minutes

This is a short video filmed with a drone to show all our premises, the stock of used forklifts and our production and testing line. Do you want to see this all with your own eyes? Get in touch with us and come visit Lisman, the Leader in used forklifts www.lismanforklifts.com!

Discover Lisman Forklifts through the words of our CEO.

Mister Koen Lisman: who we are, our values, how we works and our passion for used forklifts!


Nasza historia

Po ponad 50 latach stabilnego rozwoju Lisman Forklifts aktywnie obsługuje specjalistów transportu materiałów w ponad 80 krajach. Z dumą dzielimy się z Tobą naszą historią.


What we stand for

At Lisman Forklifts we’re dedicated to transparency and consolidating new and existing business relationships. That’s why we keep improving. Discover our continuous desire to improve.


How we work

Over the years Lisman Forklifts has created advanced methods regarding servicing, cleaning and repairing used forklifts and redundant machinery. All activities and processes are carefully coordinated and integrated within our Lisman Quality Guarantee.