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Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts

Electric forklifts continue to grow in popularity. Battery powered material handling machinery offers professionals an accessible and durable solution for day-to-day work and they are environment friendly.

Our selection of light refurbished and used electric forklifts is directly available from stock and have been thoroughly checked and cleaned, ready to provide an instant material handling solution for various businesses and industries.


Used electric forklifts for sale

Lisman Forklifts has a wide selection of electric forklifts for sale, directly available from stock and ready-to-use. All The used electric forklifts have been extensively cleaned and tested in our facilities, making sure that every machine lives up to your customers' expectations. We provide all necessary paperwork, including a detailed Lisman Forklifts quality check, and can assist you with shipping and transportation of material handling machinery. Our light refurbished used electric forklift trucks meet European standards and are checked and cleaned by our professional team.

Advantages of electric forklifts

Electric forklifts have many advantages over gas-powered or diesel-powered forklifts. The most notable upside is the engine sound or to be more precise the lack of engine noise. But there’s far more to the quieter electric material handling machines. Electric forklift trucks are eco-friendly generating no tailpipe emissions which results in a cleaner working environment for the health and safety of the employees. In comparison to other types of forklifts the maintenance costs are lower, while electric machinery offers even more efficiency due to innovative braking technology and rechargeable batteries.


Battery operated forklifts: the forklift of choice

Used electric forklifts are becoming the forklift of choice in many material handling industries. Due to the lower cost of ownership, minimised maintenance requirements and maximised durability numerous businesses opt for used battery operated forklifts. Bearing in mind that, in addition to doing less harm to the environment, battery operated forklifts and forklift trucks save owners a lot of fuel costs and increase efficiency by minimising break-downs. Do you want to sell used electric material handling equipment?


Do you want to sell used electric material handling equipment? Please get in touch with your dedicated area manager for a non-binding offer on your redundant machinery.

Buy and sell used electric forklift trucks

Electric forklifts have many different uses and are designed to perform at the highest level even in the most challenging circumstances. Lisman Forklifts provides trading companies and dealerships for material handling machinery with a wide selection of styles and models. We refurbish electric-powered forklift types such as warehouse forklifts, side loading forklifts, counterbalanced forklifts from renowned global manufacturers. Are you looking for specific electric forklift trucks? Our purchasing department is happy to utilise our widespread network to help you find a solution for your request.


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