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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Explore Lisman Forklifts FAQs for expert insights on maintenance, operation, safety, and more. Get the answers you need to make informed decisions.

What types of used forklifts do Lisman Forklifts offer?

Lisman Forklifts specialises in offering a wide range of used forklifts. Our inventory includes various types such as electric forklifts, diesel forklifts, LPG forklifts, reach trucks, pallet jacks, stackers etc. Each forklift is thoroughly inspected to ensure quality and reliability.

Are the used forklifts from Lisman Forklifts in good condition?

Yes, Lisman Forklifts takes pride in providing high-quality used forklifts. Before being offered for sale, each forklift undergoes a comprehensive inspection process to assess its condition, performance, and safety features. Lisman Forklifts is quality focused.

Can I trust the reliability and durability of used forklifts from Lisman Forklifts?

Absolutely, Lisman Forklifts understands the importance of reliability and durability in used forklifts. They source their inventory from reputable suppliers and meticulously evaluate each forklift's condition. By offering reliable and durable forklifts, Lisman Forklifts NV aims to provide B2B customers with equipment that meets their needs.

What is the pricing range for used forklifts at Lisman Forklifts?

The pricing of used forklifts at Lisman Forklifts can vary depending on factors such as the type, model, age, hours of usage, and overall condition. Lisman Forklifts strives to provide competitive pricing, ensuring that B2B customers receive value for their investments. For specific pricing details, it is recommended to contact Lisman Forklifts directly.

Do Lisman Forklifts provide after-sales support for used forklifts?

Lisman Forklifts is a B2B wholesaler that only sells to resellers and renters, and they provide excellent after-sales support for their end users.

Can I inspect and test the used forklift before making a purchase?

Certainly, Lisman Forklifts encourages customers to inspect and test the used forklifts they are interested in. They will arrange a convenient time for you to visit their facility and evaluate the forklift's condition, performance, and suitability for your needs. Inspecting the forklift in person lets you make an informed decision before finalising the purchase. On the other hand, detailed specifications and reports with pictures are offered online to clients who make such requests.

Can Lisman Forklifts arrange transportation or delivery of the purchased used forklift?

Yes, Lisman Forklifts can assist you in arranging transportation or delivery of the purchased used forklift. They have experience in logistics and can recommend reliable shipping companies or provide delivery services themselves. Contact Lisman Forklifts to discuss your specific requirements and explore the available options

How can I get in touch with Lisman Forklifts for further assistance or inquiries?

Click contact to contact us. Alternatively, you can reach out to them directly through their physical address our call us on +31 30 6884884 Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you with any further inquiries or information you may need.