Wilma Spee Littwitz has been contributing to the team for almost 25 years and still proudly and devotedly daily cleans the Lisman buildings. 

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I started working at Lisman on 7 October 1996. Back then my neighbor worked at Lisman and she told me that they where looking for another go getter. When I got a tour she warned me:  Watch out of the men, everything is filthy, but I was not afraid of that. After two months of a trial period Tineke Lisman told me I could stay. Next year September 2021 I hope I will reach the retirement age. This means that next year I will just miss out my 25 years of employment because my anniversary date is 7 October 2021.  (note: But  of course Lisman will not let this pass unnoticed!)

What does a Work day of Wilma look like?
I am responsible for cleaning daily the washing area, toilets, expedition area and the two coffee machines in the workshop. Often it is not clean in there, but it gives me great satisfaction to make it clean again. I am easy in letting go of the thought it very quick will become filthy again. Every day I happily go for it, and hoping the areas aren’t that bad that I have to clean up ( says Wilma smiling). I also look after the cafeteria in the main building and c- hal.

Everyday Wilma takes the bus from Lopik to IJsselstein, from the bus stop she rides her bicycle to go to Lisman. tidy and cheerful she appears at work. Because you can find her at all the three locations of Lisman she has a lot of nice contact with many different colleagues.

What I like the most is to prepare with my colleagues the joint activities:  such as the Christmas lunch new years breakfast. Or to make everything spic and span for the Lisman relation days. Luckily there is a lot to celebrate at Lisman, so I can indulge myself for these events. (note: They took place before the coronavirus appeared)

Wilma is married, has two daughters and two fantastic grand children. Tobias and Elin, one day per week she takes care of them. Besides that she also has a lot of hobbies.

I like to read thrilling books, hiking, cycling. Furthermore I like to handcraft:  knitting, chrocheting. ( doll clothes), sewing ( sometimes for my grand daughter, as long as she still wants). Because from the first of June it is mandatory to wear a face mask in public transport I have sewed face masks myself.

Wilma is not only very diligent in cleaning, but also very crafty. This maybe has something to do with the fact that she grew up in Germany, where everything is always “schön sauber”. Wilma moved to the Netherlands a long time a go for the love of her life, but still you can hear a slight German accent.

Wilma’s fondest memory of Liman is the party that was organized in honor of her 12,5th anniversary.

Lisman always pays a lot of attention to such mile stones. Obviously the company parties  are always the good ones to remember. The good atmosphere is determined by the people, colleague’s . I can get along with everyone. On each department where I work I experience a lot of freedom and trust.

Because Wilma experiences Lisman as a very social company she wanted to do something back and she baked six different cakes for all her colleagues to celebrate her birthday. The responses were all very positive, Wilma is often being complimented of the cleanliness of  the areas by her colleagues as well as customers. This gives her extra energy. And what is Wilma most proud of?

With a lot of joy I do my work and I have the feeling I am doing a good job as well. Among other things by making sure the washing areas are tidy and that people are able to get a nice cup of coffee from a clean coffee machine in this way I make customers and colleagues happy. Furthermore I like to work for a social family business sharing the same norms and values. Back in the days when he was alive, Anton Lisman senior sometimes came by. Everybody shows respect and commitment and that is what makes Lisman such a beautiful company.

Last but not least, what is Wilma’s wish for her and for Lisman’s future?
I wish that the situation around Corona will get better and that our customers worldwide still want to purchase good quality machines. Furthermore I wish that everybody stays healthy.


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