May we introduce you to: Dennis van Wijk, 37 years old and he has been working at Lisman since 2002 as employee expedition.


More than 10.000 units come and go at Lisman forklifts and this always needs to be done safely, quickly and professionally, in order for the machines to reach their final destination in the correct way. The expedition department is responsible for this and Dennis has been contributing to this for 18 years. With lots of joy, professionalism and enthusiasm.

Besides loading and unloading of all kinds of trucks, Dennis is also responsible for looking after the B- Hal location, the youngest showroom of Lisman located next to a provincial road. As a result he has a very diversified job and each day he loves to go to his work. It only takes him 5 minutes driving his scooter from his place to Lisman.

What he likes the most about his job? “The variety, I am able to use my creativity in the technical aspect. Whatever I am learning, even in my private life, I am able to put it in practice at work. Also if a truck does not start, I have to make sure they are up and running again which gives me the opportunity to learn something technical each day.”

In  his spare time Dennis is also crazy about vehicles. He loves to go on road trips with his Opel Astra GTC and as a BMW enthusiast he enjoys the M series of Anton and Koen which they drive when coming to work. One time he drove back together with Koen from an exhibition in Hannover to the Netherlands, the best way to describe the journey back is at warp speed. For this kind of trip you can always wake up Dennis.

Apart from his work Dennis also experiences a lot of pleasure with his colleagues of the expedition department and the family culture within the company. “At Lisman you feel at home. We are a real team, always willing to help each other. Also the board of directors is very  involved and easy to talk to, which gives an extra feeling of solidarity.”

His fondest memory  of his career at Lisman is looking back at an extraordinary job together with Jos Lisman, who retired in 2009, and Dries van Dieren, the Lisman Icon who unfortunately passed away  in 2019 shortly after he retired after working at Lisman for 50 years.

“When I was a rookie I went to the Port of Amsterdam together with Jos Liman and colleague Dries van Dieren to move containers. The three of us were driving in one column with flashing lights on and everyone stepped aside for the immense monster that I was driving. It was so impressive!”

Dennis also assists in demonstration videos of trucks to show customers, also when customer are visiting Lisman he helps them to demonstrate the truck when operating.  There is no one else who can do this better than Dennis. Often his colleague Area Managers tell him that the video persuaded the customer to buy that particular machine. Hearing that gives Dennis a kick, as well as when his colleague from sales tells him the customer received the machines without a hitch, were safely and secured loaded in lorries and containers which are transported all over the world.

Dennis having worked half of his life at Lisman, does not get bored with it and is in his element at Lisman Forklifts. Perhaps next time in to when you are visiting Lisman you will run in to him and recognize him? No matter what, he will be at your disposal, which he always is over 18 years for his Lisman colleagues. 


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