Ben van Dijk has been working for more than 35 years at Lisman Forklifts. In 1982 he started working as a technician at Rentpower. The former daughter company of Lisman specialized in traction batteries, but in 1985 he decided to switch to forklifts.



Ben is 58 year old and lives in Utrecht, he is a widower and has a daughter. Everyday Ben is responsible for mast assembly and attachments of incoming trucks, and dismantling mast of trucks which will be shipped worldwide. Especially in the last few years the international trade has increased, more and more machines are transported in sea containers. It just got busier at mast assembly and dismantling process. It gives Ben a kick knowing the machines he prepares will cross the other side of the world, on their way to another happy customer.

What Ben especially likes about Lisman Forklifts is the social character and the fact that everybody is part of the “Lisman Family”. He still cherishes touching memories of the founder of Lisman Forklifts, the late Anton Lisman senior. He was such a lovely person, during the winter when Ben was working outside and he was chilly, Anton senior spontaneously took off his coat and gave it to Ben.

Ben finds Lisman a very social, people- driven company, which you would love to work for.

Ben also has good memories of the many corporate parties and anniversaries that have been celebrated within Lisman over the years. Ben attends every party, and is the life of the polonaise which often gets going at the end of the evening. Because Ben was raised by his grandfather and because he spent his childhood at a junkyard he has had little chance of going to school. It is quite an achievement that as an adult he learned to read and write. Lisman also supported him in this. Eventually Ben turned out to be such a Dutch language virtuoso that he can even bear the title of Language Ambassador, personally awarded to him by Princess Laurentien, part of the Dutch Royal family.

Working as a mechanic is not only his job, but also his hobby. Especially Oldtimers. Ben owns a Citroen DS and a Triumph convertible that he is working on. Ben is as loyal to his employer as to his cars. Both Oldtimers have been in his possession for a long time and every time he has saved some money, he invests this in his cars so that they become even more beautiful and original.

Even though Ben has been working for Lisman for many years, he is looking forward for many more to come with happiness at work, and friendly co- workers contact. And of course professionally assembly and dismantling as many masts and attachments as possible, so Lisman can continue on selling trucks world wide


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