We work of course respecting all the measures the Dutch government suggested because the safety of our team and of our customers is our top priority.

As know to everybody, Corona virus has easily spread to all Europe, as citizens and responsible human beings we will do every thing in our power to contain the further spreading of the disease.

We would like to name the following guidelines that apply to everyone:

 • We allow and encourage working from home if possible

• We don’t shake hands

• We wash our hands more frequently and according to the protocol, hand sanitizer is available in different spots in the company and we encourage to use it.

• Visitors are always welcome, but we will explain to the visitor(s) that we have a Corona protocol and will thus temporarily fill in hospitality in a slightly more distant way. So we will keep an appropriate distance (at least 1,5 meter) and avoid physical contact as much as possible. Grab the largest possible space to get together. Lunch can still be offered, but take a larger space to eat it together (possibly the meeting room instead of the company restaurant).

• During lunch, smoke time please maintain a minimum distance of 1,5 meter with your colleagues/customers.

• We will not stand in small spaces with more than 3 people, such as the Expedition space, workshop, smoking area, meeting rooms.

• We will not be holding a staff meeting for the time being.

• Drivers are welcome to grab a cup of coffee, but keep your distance and we encourage them to remain on the truck as much as possible.

• We advise to use other form of communication with external parties: such as Skype, telephony, WhatsApp, Viber etc.

We wish everybody a safe time but don’t forget that if you need a good used forklifts, we are here at your service!


The Lisman family


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