Version: 26-06-2021

Lisman 5ft proof / one and a half meter resistant

Customers and suppliers and other guests are very welcome in IJsselstein at Lisman. Because of corona, Lisman has adapted and tightened its house rules / traffic rules / hygiene rules, so that it is clear to everyone involved what is and what is not possible.



The rules have one goal: health for all.


  1. You are very welcome in IJsselstein, provided you do not have a fever or other corona-related symptoms (or in your family). We can ask you about this when you come to us.
  2. As an alternative to a physical visit: We offer all possible ways of digital consultation.
  3. We ask you to come alone or with a maximum of 1 other person.
  4. We ask you to disinfect your hands at the reception.
  5. We do not shake hands or alternate greetings and keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters at all times.
  6. Follow the traffic rules, as they apply in our buildings. Due to the corona virus, the traffic rules have been extended and are visibly communicated.
  7. Follow the hygiene rules that are clearly communicated.
  8. Various (too) small spaces are closed preventively and for other lockable spaces (including meeting room, smoking room, waiting room, etc.) a maximum number of people applies.
  9. If desired, you can use our lunch facilities. We will provide the space and company at an appropriate distance.
  10. You may use our sanitary facilities, with due observance of the applicable hygiene rules.
  11. You are free to use your own face protection (face masks)

Our buyers, if they are welcome, are happy to come to you as a supplier to inspect machines or for other reasons. We would like to keep in touch with you. As far as possible, we do this digitally.


Our purchasing protocol is:

  1. Lisman buyers adhere to the applicable guidelines of you or your organization. We ask you to communicate this clearly, so that we can adhere to it.
  2. Our buyers only go out if they don't have corona symptoms.
  3. Our buyers apply strict hygiene rules and come to you disinfected at all times. They follow your hygiene rules within your building.
  4. Our buyers do not shake hands or alternate greetings and keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters at all times.
  5. Our buyers are self-sufficient in food and drink. Your offer in this regard, which is entirely up to you, will be appreciated and accepted.
  6. Our buyers are happy to use your sanitary facilities, if you allow this.


The following (extra) rules apply to drivers who come to load or unload at Lisman:

  1. You have no corona symptoms; you keep your distance; you disinfect your hands before entering; you adhere to our traffic and hygiene rules. We can ask you about this when you come to us.
  2. Only 1 person per truck may enter the premises of Lisman.
  3. We ask you: stay in / near your truck as much as possible and only come in to Lisman for necessities.
  4. Not with more than 1 person at a time in the trailer / container, unless required by emergency / safety. The driver waits before entering the trailer / container until the Lisman employee is ready.
  5. We ask that you are self-sufficient in terms of food and drink, but we offer you the opportunity to use the coffee machine at Expeditie (Techniekweg only).
  6. Due to the limited capacity of our company restaurant in connection with the corona measures, you cannot use these facilities.
  7. You may use our sanitary facilities; you may not use our shower facilities.

The above rules and specifically the following rules apply to third parties who provide services to Lisman:

  1. You come alone or if necessary with a maximum of 1 extra person (maximum 2 people).
  2. You will be picked up by your Lisman contact person, after you have reported to reception. You will make agreements with him or her about the details of your work.
  3. After completing your work, please report to your contact person, who will guide you outside.


Rules regarding mouth and nose covering in the Netherlands and at Lisman:

The mouth cap obligation is largely canceled. Where the 1,5 meters really cannot be maintained, the mouth cap obligation continues to apply.

The coronavirus is transmitted through droplets from the nose and throat. The droplets are spread by coughing and sneezing. Someone else can inhale them and become infected. The droplets can also be transferred via hands. For example, if someone touches the nose or face with their hands and then shakes the hand of someone else. In the Netherlands we keep 1,5 meters away from each other. If you have a cold or fever, you should stay home. It is also important to adhere to the hygiene measures:

• Wash your hands often with soap and water

• Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow

• Use paper tissues

• Don't shake hands

If everyone adheres to this, it is not necessary to wear a mouth cap.

Source: National government of The Netherlands


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